“UDAGAN combines the ancient traditions of the Sakha people with experimental technology to create unique and extraordinary sounds. Basically, Saydyy-Kuo creates a whole range of sounds using just her voice and Khomus [mouth harp] which Oscar then digitally manipulates electronically to create an aural collage which is unlike anything you have ever heard before. Remarkable.”

– Peter Cowley, FATEA Magazine

“These guys are cool!” – Grant Morrison


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UDAGAN (translating to ‘She-Shaman’ in Sakha language) is the vision of native Sakha performer Saydyy-Kuo Fedorova and music innovator Oscar South. UDAGAN is built around the traditional music, culture, folklore and shamanic heritage of the Republic of Sakha (North Siberia) and features the iconic instrument from Sakha culture ‘Khomus’ as the heart and soul of its sound. Since mid 2019 the project has been based in Sheffield, UK.

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