UDAGANuniverse is where ancient wisdom from the North meets modern life of today. It includes all aspects of human creativity and spreads outwards in many directions. One of them is UDAGAN: this project makes experimental music based on Sakha traditional folk music and interprets it from a new perspective with exciting contemporary technologies such as LIVE Coding, Electronic Khomus and more. Other directions include Publications, Podcasts, Storytelling, Writing, Illustrating and Esoterical Practices. To know UDAGANuniverse you need to see and hear it with heart and mind.

The following video contains previews of both music, art and fashion that Saydyy Kuo & Oscar are working on!

You can listen to a recent interview with Ireland's RTÉ network, in which Saydyy Kuo & Oscar discuss the origins and vision behind the creation of their art:

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