Khomus By The Ocean

This is not a full BLOG post our main series, which I’ve published the first and second articles from so far. Sometimes I will share some news, thoughts or creation from my life. We’ve been away from signal for a while so I will share where we have been.

Last weekend we have taken inspiration from the Seaside in Staithes! This place is an amazing hidden village facing the North Sea, located in North Yorkshire, England.

I brought my Khomus (made by Kolodeznikov Ivan) to that amazing place. You can see below in the video, I am improvising with the ocean and sea birds:

Me and my husband Oscar



I also noticed as a human from Siberia, how in this place for couple days my skin and hair slightly improved. It is rare for us Siberians and Russians to strongly take Iodine from the Sea, obviously we can take from the Sea of Okhotsk near Vladivostok although our Sakha land is very far from the Ocean (only touching the Arctic Ocean).

Saydyy Kuo